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Food for Thought

Food for Thought – Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Have you ever found yourself questioning whether you stay or leave a position? The organization is not evil; you like the people you work with, and your job is fine, but you don’t have any passion for your work. You find yourself bored, frustrated, looking for your purpose elsewhere, and exhausted. What is it? Is it burnout? Is it itchy feet because you’ve been there too long? Have you worn out your welcome? What is it?

Well, many folks started to examine and reexamine their career and lives, for that matter, when COVID-19 caused the world to come to a screeching halt. Some were laid off. Some lifted their heads, looked at where they were, and asked themselves if they wanted to be there anymore. At the same time, others saw it as a way out or an opportunity to reinvent themselves. In addition, many organizations have also gone through a similar examination and reexamination process.

This examination and reexamination process has not stopped because most of us are returning to work. It’s started all over again. If you haven’t reflected on your career and organization, now may be the time.

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