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Food for Thought

Food for Thought – Digital Nomad?

Have you ever desired the ability to live a digital nomad lifestyle? Pick up anytime you want, move to various locations, and do not worry about finding employment. Since COVID-19, many folks have been rethinking how they want to live. In addition to how and where they work.

I, myself, find the digital nomad lifestyle appealing. Ok, it may be that I’ve been watching too many episodes of International House Hunters, or it could be that I’ve grown tired of the 9 – 5 rat race. Most likely, it’s a bit of column A and a bit of column B. The main question I ask myself is, “why can’t I do that?” I am still working on what is really behind that question.

Where are you on the spectrum between the digital nomad lifestyle and 9 – 5er?

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