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Food for Thought

Food for Thought – Undoing One Negative Comment

I once heard that it takes ten positive comments to undo one negative comment. This is a powerful concept for organizations and leaders.

When you have been job hunting, have you ever not applied for a position at a particular organization because of reviews you read, or have you chatted with family/friends who work in that organization? Or have you ever had an employee (current or ex) of an organization vent to you about their workplace, and you think, “thank goodness, I don’t work there?”

This concept makes hiring and retaining top talent challenging, and organizations and leaders should be aware. People talk, which could be bad for business. Suppose employees (current or ex) talk about poor leadership, toxic culture, or anything else that might be perceived as unfavorable. In that case, it will take ten (hell, even more, maybe) positive comments about the organization or leader to start turning around those impressions.

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